02/02/2017 11:23

Where is my voice?

So "S' rang in her ninth year on Tuesday and her yearly physical on Wednesday.  This appointment is usually wedged between going to school and still having to do homework on her birthday list of contradictions, but I decided to place it front and center before it became an almost 10 physical.  If a grade was given, "S" would have received an "A" for health, vision and hearing, but an answer to a question was my biggest delight.  She was asked if she slept well at night.  She told Dr. Magic (he performs magic tricks throughout the exam) that she often had trouble falling to sleep.  This is due to "S" always wanting to complete at least 10 more activities before calling it a day, but the Doctor is a magician not a mind reader, so he asked her if she was ever worried about anything.  Her answer placed a smile on my face, as she abruptly stated that she has nothing to worry about! I am pretty sure that I am carrying the load of this emotion for the two of us. I am spinning a tale of open discourse, step by step problem solving and agreeable solutions, as I watch the news of angry protests, threats and violence toward others. The first amendment has been horribly twisted from free speech to loud shouts, vulgar rhetoric and condescending remarks to any one who disagrees.  I am telling "S" that she will always have a voice, but I do not want to emphasize that she will only be heard if she carries a big stick and bullies any opposing opinion.  What ever happened to the exchange of ideas,  a lively debate and a shake of the hand with an agreement to disagree?  We have reached a pinnacle of "my way or the highway!"  Have we all become so narcisstic that we create our own kingdoms and turfs to the detriment of anyone who does not bow and curtsy to the monarchy?  As Nani-mommy, I feel like it is my job to teach her the fine art of conflict, but lately it seems like this will be an occupational hazard when "S" realizes that only a shaking fist and a hardfelt punch will be the final resolve.  I am thrilled that she does not have anything to worry about right now, because too soon she will understand the complexity of traversing this world in a democratic, peaceful manner with her dignity, principles and faith intact.  Happy Birthday little one....May your dreams always be hopeful and enlightening....     





Garden Ridge, Texas