05/27/2014 20:58

Visiting a land of fantasy

The bus driver detailed some of the tidbits of the park as we bobbled along the roads of sunny Florida.  My husband forgetting that this revelation would be a declaration of age exclaimed that our first visit to DisneyWorld was in 1976, upon which someone remarked that he did not realize that the park had been in existence that long!  As everyone who has known me for years or for one minute knows that when I talk of visiting Europe I am not referring to Epcot!  I have never been a fantasy-type personality, more the rounded Type A with a serious nature and many dosages of harsh reality to keep me grounded and quite removed from the land of royalty!  However, for the past six years I have been given the honorary title of Queen Nani, of the Whimsical House of Non-Ordinary-Families.  Within this crest lives "Princess "S" dutifully cared for by two males and one lady in waiting.  It was time for her to meet the other princesses of far away lands, so we boarded a Delta carriage and away we flew!  In dire need of a sprinkle of fairy-stay-awake dust and a magic wand of endless energy, we embarked on four days of picture taking moments with the princesses and fairies of Disney, the side jarring rides of speed and technology combined and spectacular shows that burst into the air or burst out with song and dance.  Although it is impossible not to be swept away by the pure genius of this park, it is not for the tired or weary, the arthritic knees, or for daily nappers.  "S" was captivated and seemed to pick up speed as she went!   I was amazed at the number of elderly couples minus children strolling the grounds, visiting the butterfly gardens or enjoying the flower gardens.  Not a one of them was in the FOUR hour line to visit Elsa and Anna of "Frozen" in order to pose with these two characters and get an autograph which took five minutes!  Where was the over fifty crowd for the Tower of Terror ride which is the equilavant of an elevator shaft plummeting to the ground or the Speed track which has a car that goes from 0 to 65 in a few seconds?  Where were the graybeards at the 11 o'clock P.M. fireworks or in  the mass lines to enter the park in the morning?   But maybe the better question is why are WE at these events?  And the answer to the million dollar question is that we are attempting to provide age related experiences and memories for "S" just as we did for our own two children.  We certainly have our own desire to travel in more adult circles, but maybe a dosage of fantasy and a redo of our youth is not such a bad idea for the two old people either.  





Garden Ridge, Texas