03/03/2015 08:29

To volunteer or not

Every so often, I get a sense of guilt about not raising my hand to volunteer.  This is often driven by a request from "S"'s school.  Research has proved positive over and over that parent involvement improves the overall rating of a school and individual students, but yet I resist.  It simply comes down to the fact that when I retired, I never wanted to go back to school again.  From five years old until fifty-five, my schedule and routine was dominated by ten months of education and two months of vacation.  The bustle of children, the bells of changing classes, the hours of endless paperwork, the worry, the challenge and the accountabliity meshed as my career, my emotions, and my daily roster.  Rushing to meetings in the wee hours of the mornings before the clients arrived and barely crawling to bed in the same darkness was vital for survival.  It was exciting at times, frustrating at other times and always my passion.  But when it was over, I looked beyond the halls of room numbers and offices to seek another cause and pursue other avenues.  It never dawned on me that "S" would lead me right back where I started.  I love teaching her, reviewing spelling lists, discussing new science principles, reading to her and now listening to her read, but I have no desire to return to her classroom.  When I walk her in each day, I see a vision of a younger, sometimes naive, but always enthusiastic self,  but nothing within me wants to return to that person. I had a very successful career and accomplished what I set out to do within the confines of my field, but my present interest lies more with the changes within adults.  I am confident that I am not alone.  It seems that the same parents volonteer for each request and the other parents hesitate.  Some find this fulfilling and others for whatever reason do not.  Unfortunately the visble parents may appear more involved in their child's education, but I personally know this to be untrue.  It could be that the parents are too busy or like me are not compelled to be in the midst.  Thank you to all who volunteered when I taught and the youth who have carried that torch. You do so I do not have to and I appreciate it!





Garden Ridge, Texas