01/05/2016 13:44

To Blog or not to Blog? That is my New Year"s question

I tend to look forward and seldom back, but I realized I wrote about 6 blogs in the year 2015.  Once every two months can barely be called a scribble, never mind a blog!  It begs the question of “Should I continue?” which leads into the next question, “Why do it at all?”  And the answer simply and rather matter-of-fact-like is-- I have a passion to write.  When “S’ became the focus and pretty much the all-inclusive package of my attention, 98% of my passions were disregarded.  It was just too difficult or financially burdensome to nurture her as well as travel to far off lands, learn another language, or read every classic ever written.  I could barely fasten her to her car seat without twisting my hip, interpret the baby babble/wailing or read the instructions on her medicine bottles when I first started this venture, so the other pursuits really seemed implausible.  At the same time, my brain neurons were firing more than usual with thoughts, issues and ideas about parenting once again.  It was then that I decided to alleviate this cerebral overload by putting it into print and sharing with other sleep deprived grandparents/parents.  Of course even this interest gets pushed to the caboose when laundry, meals, now homework, school projects, shopping, yardwork and all those other trivial pursuits become more demanding.  I am absolutely jealous of the women who seem to do dual or triple duty by embracing their passions at the same time they rear their children.  They throw about 5 balls in the air and juggle in perfect harmony to the tune of “ Katy Perry’s Hear Me Roar”, while I keep tripping over my two left feet as I try to grab the one hand that keeps getting faster with every growing year.  I wonder why I cannot do it all, but it comes down to logistics and priorities!  The first is that I am not encased with the same body that I had 30 years ago or last year for that matter.   I have become the turtle with the slow, steady pace and hope that I cross the finish line sometime a day or so after the hare.  Secondly I have chosen to bring “S” up with more of my attention then I gave my own two children who shared it with more activity than I can even fathom.  Thus the passion of writing is victorious in the arena of possibilities.  Read it if you may, or just allow me this short time to do what I enjoy!  Happy New Year and May each one of you find happiness in a passion, whether it be a person, place or thing……






Garden Ridge, Texas