12/17/2017 21:47

The Yearly Reveal, Christmas, 2017

Just a few days to go and I will be scratching out 2017 to correct to the New Year. A mere tip on the end of a pencil and an entire year is erased. Another 365 days of activity, some enshrined in photos, others forgotten within a nucleus of memory cells, but all memorable as minutes of a life passing on fast and furious! Or at least that is how it seems to me!  It has been a year of bustle and hustle, some tasks totally menial like cleaning the grout from over 500 pieces of tile, but some were breath taking such as “S” making her first snow angel in the fallen frozen rain, (the first in 33 years). This Holy Season is the time to recall the good, learn from the errors, look to the horizons and question the possibilities. In review, “S” and I walked side by side through a maze of playdates, school projects, summer fun, and growing pains. Many times, our walking involved dogs in tow because she started a dog walking business this summer. This requires a very flexible schedule because it is upon request with no specific schedule. She is a natural entrepreneur, manning a lemonade stand to coincide with my annual garage sale and selling homemade dog toys. Her soccer season culminated in third place in the zone and one game in the playoffs.  There were only two girls on the team and they kept the boys running!  She is taking guitar lessons on the off season before the next sport and is as competitive and self-motivated in school as in sports. She is very independent and reminds me of this daily either with the roll of the eyes, or the occasional sassy word. Our travels were quite limited this year with a short excursion to the Outerbanks to visit Shan, her family and her in-laws who go there each year. The Rowlands are fantastic hostesses and the beach is beautiful. I made two trips to MA, one to celebrate my father’s 90th  birthday, and one for my nephew’s beautiful wedding.  One of my most bittersweet trips was on Charlie’s last flight in Delta on the 29th of October.  I am thrilled to have him home each day, but he was not ready to leave his passion and career of flight. “S” loves the lack of coming and going and getting Popee hugs every night before bed. There is never a dull moment in my house, either Kyle is going or coming, Charlie is starting a project or “S” has a beckon of some sort. Our days are full, but our adventures are more Kiddieland than Foreign Lands. We continue to build a foundation for Kyle and his daughter, drawing strength from Our Lord and feeling blessed for our health to do so.  We wish you the same: that each day have meaning, and that connections remain strong and loving. Have a Christmas full of joy and laughter….   






Garden Ridge, Texas