09/22/2015 13:48

Take a stand against abuse

Usually I have a subject in mind, but today I just want to vent or just pretend that every reader is a therapist and I am the parent-patient representing the global masses.  What the heck happened to parents while I was taking my twenty-year haitus as a non-baby maker?  Since I am now considered a senior by all marketing experts who point me in the direction of the discounts and the closest bathroom, I want to declare that  I wish for the "Old Days"!  I was either living under a rock or too  busy chasing my son from falling over a cliff, but I managed to avoid all news regarding the murdered. neglected, or abused children of my neighorhood.  I never met or read about parents having children and then treating them as if they were a plant that occasionally needs watering, some sunlight or the pinch of fertilizer. And further if the plant does not grow or just plain dies, it becomes the product of our ineptitude in the vegetation department which we can then blame on our parents, teachers or society for not providing us with enough information on the subject!  NEWSFLASH, you have a choice, you do not have to give birth if you so choose!  No one will hold that against you because we no longer live during an era whereby motherhood is the number one designated career choice for those with mammary glands!  And furthermore, if "the accident" occurs during a drunken tryst, there are many a parent waiting to adopt!  Here's the scoop, children are work, need lots of structure, and do not always fit into our schedule!  They make loud noises, get grimy, are sometimes downright nasty, and will talk when you are on the phone and will not when you ask them a question. They are not little adults; they are cavities for a brain that will mold and mature over time.  They go through countless stages of growth which all point toward  independence and self-awareness.  They require healthy responses at each stage to maximize a healthy outlook to a complex life.  Most of all they need nurturance, acceptance and LOVE!  To the surprise of many, they do not need a mansion, lots of stuff or a parent who is overly indulgent.   It is inexplicable that another child has become a national headline due to a horrendous death.  The statistics are overwhelming when the  numbers are tallied regarding abused children in our cities.  It is time to take a stand, befriend a lonely child and if you are even a bit suspicious REPORT!  But most of all spread the word:  Conceive a child from the decision to depart from what "I want" to what "my child needs."





Garden Ridge, Texas