11/09/2013 15:34

Sick and tired!

"S" has been sick since September 26. To be exact, it has been six and one half weeks, or forty-five days or in my world, one thousand and eighty hours!  It all started with vomiting, then a diagnosis of strep throat, another diagnosis of strep throat and persistant cramps which continue today.  My social life has revolved around five visits with her pediatrician, and making new friends with staff at Urgent Care in the wee hours of the morning.  Endless consultations countless phone calls, six absences from school, five medications, changes in her diet and the addition of lactose free milk have resulted in little change.  She still has cramps and we are now trying procedure number six which of course involves being homebound and attentive to schedules of medicine, intake of food, deletion of such edibles and any noticable differences in pain.  Anyone who is the caregiver of a sick child, friend, parent or family member understands the normal wear and tear of the task, but not knowing what is wrong is doubly frustrating and stressful.  I am confident that "S' will be healthy again, but this past month has given new meaning to sleep deprived and patience challenged!  It has become very clear why I became a teacher and not a nurse!  In education, every skill taught causes a positive change and an investment toward the future.  Health issues are clouded with negativity and do not serve any purpose whatsoever!  I have apologized to "S's" teacher repeatedly because she complains of a stomachache each and everyday.  I have become a hermit in my house because I am either physically taking care of "S" or indirectly meeting her needs by making phone calls, researching symptoms on the internet or making purchases to help her mend. For those that have wondered why I have not answered e-mails, the phone or made an attempt to visit, blame it once again on my re-parenting saga!  As a grandparent raising a grandchild, each day is a challenge and a learning experience!  Whatever was known before is new to the individual that is now your child and your responsibilty.  "S" has more health problems than my biological children ever did, and is different in so many ways. Many of the differences stem from me as a parent in my sixties, but she is her own being and has her own special needs.  I pledge each day to take care of her as best I can, but the challenge of the past month seems to attest to having children when one is young, healthy and more energetic.  For now, I will just have to do......





Garden Ridge, Texas