08/29/2015 19:56

Partnering and Parenting

The first week of second grade is over.  New clothes are crumpled in the laundry, the excited teacher has summarized the initial introductions and curriculum in detail, and the communication folder was signed and returned for four days.  I have refreshed the grocery list with lunchable items and healthy snacks.  My nightly routine of making her lunch, setting out the next day's attire, signing all notes, and retreating to  the bedroom early have been reinstated.  My schedule is regimented once again, wake up at 6:15, make a futile attempt to be school- ready by taming my unruly hair, wake her at 6:45, make breakfast, verbally post the ticking minutes, and guide her through the necessary steps of preparation, drive to school by 7:25, try to park among the myriad of drivers, walk her into halls of chatter, take a deep breath at 7:45, and finally make a mental note of chores to be competed before 2:30 and time for pick up.  Mental note number one: "try to connect with husband!"  Monday will be our 42nd anniversary!  Our marriage number and our lifestyle barely match and no one is more surprised than I that we are still a loving, happy couple!  Even before the introduction of "S", two months after our 35th celebration of marriage, our paths traversed from corner ot corner, but rarely intersected.  For the first 23 years, he was often away from our nineteen homes as an Air Force Pilot and I had the sole care of two children.  I also pursued a career, mine in the hectic quest of educating children, while his was to break away into the wild blue yonder.  The vast difference in our careers was just one additon to the highlights of the "opposites attract" adage.  He rarely talks and I must use up my allocated 20,000 words a day, our food choices do not complement each other, nor does our leisure activities.  We would not be paired on  any dating site, but our mutual respect for God, country, family and each other has beat the odds and all the research on "finding the perfect mate!"  We are still separated by his work travel and I am dictated by the normal needs of a seven year old, so it is a challenge to carve out "us " time.  Parenting and partnering often cause friction and a disconnect at any age, but it is especially difficult when it not planned.  Although I will be at home maintaining the status quo and he will be many miles away on our anniversary, I know we are connected by the love of each other, our children and our vows and for that I am very proud!





Garden Ridge, Texas