08/03/2014 10:25

Old and indifferent

I was recently commenting or rather questioning the common practice of getting a tattoo.  The bearer of this body art had several loops, diagonals, and lines that were left to the imagination of the viewer.  I wondered what this "supposed" drawing would look like once the young man was old to which he replied, "I will not care what I look like when I am old so it does not make a difference."  REALLY??  Add this to the long list of myths perceived by the youth of today!  Do they actually think that one day we wake up at 50 or so, (the age when those 30 and under determine as OLD), and we are freed from the desires to brush our teeth, comb our hair, match our outfits, shave,  put on make up or swipe the dirt off our brow?  This may be a sympton of senility, but I want to declare that we are not all destined for this fate and will probably be cognizant of our looks for as long as we walk this earth.  I am especially in tuned to my appearance and my distinct difference from all the  other moms.  I walk amid true blond or brunette bobbing pony tails, fresh glowing faces, and wrinkle-free mouths and eyes each morning as I limp alongside "S' into her classroom. Do I think that I am kidding anybody with my facial paint, the thick line of concealer under my eyes, the multi-million dollar wrinkle cream around my mouth or my latest trial run of "just a fleck of red" dye in my hair?  Am I so delusional that I try to wear the "NIke" stretch suit and think that I appear trendy rather than bulky?  No, young minds of mush and misperceptions, I do not, but I also want "S" to understand that I am not going to cave in to a body and face of liver spots, rolls of unwanted flesh, and brownish colored teeth.  I want her to know that no matter one's age, looking your best with what "God" gave you is a cry of "I am worth it!"  Old does not correlate to indifference and quite the opposite oh youth-of-little-knowledge!  We love more deeply, understand more widely and live more richly.  We may say what is on our mind with less filter, but we still want to be noticed, be heard and be counted!  When your squiggles and body ornaments are enmeshed in folds of skin, are spotted with brown polka dots, and no longer make your personal statement, you  will have reached the ripe old age of awareness and understanding and realize that you still really care....   





Garden Ridge, Texas