05/02/2018 17:51

Life in death

Charlie's and my nephew died last Friday. He leaves behind his wife of 11 years, a teenage daughter and a six year old daughter.   I met Tommy when he was three years old when I started dating his uncle.  Many of our "dates" were babysitting Tommy and his older brother.  Tommy was very reserved and quiet, but always loving.  We enjoyed following his career in baseball, his enlistment in the AF and his management of a business. My husband was delighted to surprise Tommy and Lisa at their wedding in Puerto Rico and Tommy always made a point to visit us whenever we flew to MA.  He will be buried tomorrow, too soon, too young.  Many hearts are broken to include my own. 

The contemplation of death always brings me back to the subject of life.  Death is inevitable, it will always be a final breath and the passing from this earth toward the light of our Lord.  However, life is as unpredictable as the weather. We all bounce around the winds of emotions, trying to bunker down for storms, find a haven from the rain or occassionally wrap ourselves in the warmth of contentment and peace. But the blow of a death is a nudge to reflect on life.  It reminds me of the song, "Live like you are dying."  For me, that is not a pass to spend lots of money or jump out of an airplane; it is simply a reminder to love. Connections, relationships, or service to others is the pathway to our common destiny. We spend so much time being frustrated, disappointed, angry, hurt, or misunderstood that we totally forget the message of Jesus and the reason we are here in the first place.  Tommy, your death is not in vain.  It is another chance for all of us to reconnect and do better.  Thank you for the reminder and for the memories. We love you..... 





Garden Ridge, Texas