05/19/2017 10:37

Leaving Motherland for a bit

Every so often I leave "Motherland" to see what is going on in the rest of the world.  Right out my front door is a huge amusement park called "Politico".  The theme of the park is politics and it has increased its revenue by 100% in the past year.  This entertainment location has several roller coasters that ascend slowly and descend quickly.  Clowns greet you on every corner and there are many games that entice you with promise, but rarely pay out.  You leave this park with less cash, frustration and a bit of cynicism.  Further down the road is the "Healthstop."  This is my least favorite place to visit, but the most frequent outing.  Once inside, I am inundated with questions, coughing sounds, sad faces and the well recognized smell of an institutionalized office.  Nothing is timely here.  No one is in a rush, but me.  I take this trip about once every other week for myself or others, but lately it seems like once a week.  Long stringy, hard to pronounce words are spoken, and little relates to how I feel.  Pop a pill is the diet of this land and fatty foods of my liking are strictly prohibited.  Thankfully, there is an escape within the" Meadows of Relationships."  I love this place with all my heart,  but finding time for this pleasure is a constant struggle as I try to juggle all the responsibility within Motherland.  I love to quietly stroll along the varied paths, but visitors are warned that some of the paths are rocky and require more energy than others.  I bump into all types on this walk, friends with an abundance of laughter, friends who have suffered immeasurable losses and leave me speechless, my new Bunco group, and others who sometimes fade from my view.  My husband and family members often walk alongside me and new friends (half my age) run ahead chatting non-stop about the latest adventures with our kids. As I  have discovered, there are more worlds outside my own than I can even imagine, but "Motherland" always draws me back within the confines of this safe and well know haven.  The other day, we had a National holiday of celebration to recognize the main worker bees of this land.  "S" gave me a handmade pillow that she sewed.  it took her about 15 hours locked away in her room to complete this present.  I cried when I read "Nani" on the front which she had handstitched in perfect block letters.  It was one more reminder why I return to this place over and over no matter the distractions or desires of other locations.  It lies wthin the heart and head of every woman who has ever adopted, given birth or cared for a child.  I will remain here until I die and will never regret one moment.  Happy Mother's Day everyone!  





Garden Ridge, Texas