12/21/2016 18:34

I met Christmas

I found the true meaning of Christmas in the most unusual place.  I went to the gym the other day to ward off the impending pounds of binging on sweets and more sweets.  “S” was in tow as she will be for the next two weeks for the Christmas break.  We went to our usual room which is about the size of a walk-in closet.  Four machines, an enclosed area for a toddler and a table for children over 5 adorn this room.  There is a TV on the wall which is always tuned into “Nicolodeon.”  “S" amuses herself by bouncing from machine to machine and talking non-stop since she has a captivated audience with no escape clause.  In the middle of one of her many monologues, an older gentleman walked in with a young boy.  They were signing to each other and I noticed the child with some oratory physical impairments.  The man placed the child within the closed off area, but the boy wanted to run around and kept trying to engage with “S”.  The man made several attempts to walk on the tread mill, but was interrupted often by the child who turned his face away when he did not want to “listen” to the man. During a brief conversation, I learned that Grandpa was raising his grandson.  His life was transformed from an empty nest of peace to chaos and activity.  He drove his grandson five days a week, 90 minutes each way to a special school for the deaf.  His life mirrored the attempt at exercise.  It was filled with starts and stops that often out shadowed the increase of his heart beat.  He knew that his stride would never be even, because the needs of his grandson were first and foremost.  What was apparent to me was the love that this man had for his grandson.  It was like a beacon of light emanating with determination, patience and nurturance.  I knew at that moment that “S” and I had met Christmas.  He reflected the father of all who came to this earth to save each one of us…May you meet Christmas in the next few days….






Garden Ridge, Texas