10/11/2017 20:09

I am doing what I want to be doing

The greatest gift on earth is life!  It comes in all packages from old to young,
tattered to decadent, slim to full bodied, broken to renewed. It defies what is
thought to be impossible and challenges all explanations whether it be from
science, psychology, or theology.  But life is not within our human control. 
Senseless death besieges every corner of the world due to accidents, at the hand of another,
sickness or just the passing of time!  Mourning the loss of a life tears at the very fiber of our being and results in hopelessness or despair! 

However there lies within our control a gift equal to the essence of existence itself.  It is the ability to be a positive influence on the life of another.  It can be a child, grandchild, neighbor, friend or a complette stranger.  Although I have not always succeeded, I have tried to emulate a positive, motivational vibe for as many as possible.  I renewed this conviction when I chose to raise "S".  I was heading in another direction, but this little girl grabbed my hand and I have never let go!

For those that continually feel I have sacrificed my twilight years, know that I actually enhanced them by focusing on modeling and mentoring a young soul!  I hope to shape a future creative, adventurous, happy adult that will serve others and our Lord way after I have departed from her presence!  This is a very large factor in my daily routine so if you want to know what I am doing or what I will be doing tomorrow, expect that "S" will be at the center of this discussion and that I am thrilled to be part of this conversation.  Hope you are a positive influence on someone today and I would love to hear all about it!





Garden Ridge, Texas