11/22/2012 19:08

Friendly visit turns into chaos and pandemonium

Before "S", visits with friends were all about the food, the drink and the chatter.  This was all uninterrupted and could go on for hours or what my husband titles "the need to use 20,000 words a day" time.  If I was a Youtube fanatic I would have videoed this latest visit because it will be difficult to put into words.  It began with the ring of the doorbell and the smiling face of my friend accompanied by her two grandchildren. S had not played with friends much in the last week, and we thought this would be fun for her.  The four year old whisked past me as I opened the door and ran to play with S  The ten month old was in need of a bottle.  We quickly retrieve the breastmilk in glass and my friend began to feed.  This did not seem to appease the baby who was tired and really wanted the "real thing" from mama herself.  Thinking a change of diaper might help the situation (had not even served the wine or the snacks), I tried to find a diaper in the bag mom had sent with my friend.  Meanwhile my friend found that the baby bottom was more about poop than pee.  Desperate for a change, but no diaper to be found, we panicked and attempted to tape one of S's baby diapers to this pudgy ten month old.  Realizing this was not to be, my friend used this as a liner and concocted a daper from a flowery baby blanket, (baby is a boy).  In the meanwhile, S yells that something has happened in her room.  I run from the booty change to the discovery that the toddler has peed in the bedroom among toys, rugs and doll clothes.  Placing the partially naked baby in the family room, my friend skoots her wet grandson to the bathroom.  Wet footprints trail behind the path.  Baby in the meantime is not happy with his makeshift diaper and is wailing.  S and I try to comfort him with words and tiny toys, while I try to deordorize and clean the pee.  To no avail, I pick baby up and discover he is wet again through baby diaper and blanket.  S who is now thinking drastic measures must be taken runs to her room and takes out all her baby clothes from pink, plastic drawers.  They are now strewn around her room, but she discovers a pull-up from one of her larger dolls .  She offers this up like some dire sacrifice and with masking tape, this actually fits baby along with a baby doll onesie.  Baby is now dry and clothed, but not happy.  Toddler is also not happy with wet clothes so we fish out a ruffled pair of jeans for him!  My friend attempts a sip of her drink I have manage to pour, but baby screams the entire time.  We laugh at the sight of the boys, one  in a pink butterfly onesie and one in ruffled bottom jeans, but we know this visit is not to be!  She leaves with wet clothes in bags and unhappy grandchildren, baby continuing to wail.   S and I look over the damage.  Snacks remain untouched, the floor is smudgy at best, toys need to be cloraxed and I still have baby wails ringing in my ear. 

Grandparents do not usually have toddler-visits until the grandchild becomes the child.  Then other children visit and noise, messes, and interruptions become the norm. My friend and I will laugh at this encounter, but there are days when I wonder whether the chatterfilled visits of yesterday will come again...





Garden Ridge, Texas