01/28/2014 16:04

Conversations, up close and personal

I have not written for awhile due to the fact that I fill my day with meaniingless tasks and am positive no one wants to read about them. This has to be the sinlge most damaging bit of evidence that I am not really in my thirties like I wants others to think I am.  For even though I am accompanied by a five year old to all social events, hang out at water parks and bouncy houses, and can list the twenty programs on NickJr with ease, it is quite obvious that I am not of the younger generation because I am not facebooking, social networking via the phone or internet, linkinding, tweeting,  youtubing or pininteresting.  I just cannot figure out what I am doing that would interest anyone unless I was teaching an alien from outer space about the normal and most of the time boring routines of raising a child. For the life of me, I cannot understand the desire or obsession to share every tiny detail of one's existence via cyberspace.  Nowdays I can learn what my family and friends think about the latest trends, specific political causes, the activities of their offspring, their food desires, the latest trips, their bosses, siblings, or even the changes in weather conditions.  With the touch of a button I can be beamed to the core of one's mind and learn what they desire, hate, strive for, fail to act upon. who they deceive or deprive, if they are depressed, elated, or somewhere in between.  It is a constant waterfall of information from the totally absurd to the simply bland.  And frankly I avoid it because it leaves a void of communication that I find cowardly.  I do not shy away from the reflection of my conversations within the face of my receivers.  I want to read the nonverbal signs of boredom, interest, shock, despair or frustration within the eyes or expressions of those I interact with.  I accept the challenge of personalizing my communication with direct confrontation or conversation.  I accept and act upon the body movements that say rather loudly I do not like you or I would rather not discuss that at the moment.  I do not crave the ear of a stranger or the attention of the masses with my text of what I do or do not do, what I like or what I detest. Supposedly tweeting and the like have increased communcaition, but I feel that it has decreased relationships. It appears to enlighten, but it may just be blurring the lines of what we need to know and what we need to keep to ourselves.  This is no doubt going to be one of the many issues between "S" and I that will emphasize the differences in our age, and culture, but I can only pray that she prefers friends and family up close and personal rather than on window screens and endless verbage.....





Garden Ridge, Texas