08/14/2013 18:49

Completion of the bucket list in the next life

So far my social activities of the week have consisted of a five year old birthday party at a "jump place", an afternoon at an inflatable wonderland and a few hours at the youth pool at a local hotel complex.  My sweet daughter is worried about the abandonment of my retirement bucket list and the too-few hours I spend with my husband.  Quite frankly, in the beginning, I was also worried about the trade off between long lunches and Mcdonald's playland, but a recent conversation with "S" has reminded me that I will indeed accomplish everything on my list and more.  She asked me a month ago if she could fly when she goes to heaven and I said that she would be able to do anything she wanted to do.  Naturally that led to "Can I eat candy all day?" and "Will I be able to swim in a pool whenever I want? interrupted by the same response after each question- "whatever you want."  It suddenly dawned on me that this would also apply to me. I will be able to travel to the most remote corners of the world and revisit the ones I especially enjoy such as Italy, Paris or perhaps some isolated island in the middle of the Pacific.  I will be able to learn a different language and will speak fluently and precisely without blunder or the aid of a pocket dictionary.  I will finally learn to play the piano and will sing along with a voice like Carrie Underwood to a soothing ballad or catchy rock piece.  I will live in a house that includes a guest room with sparkling floors and crumbless countertops (have I mentioned that I am a neat freak??)   I will chat with former presidents and finally meet my idol-Mother Teresa.  I will visit with my grandparents, cousins and friends, and bask in the glow of the Lord and the love of  Jesus. Seccretly I hope to get a jumpstart on a couple of these goals while earthbound, but right now I am committed to raising "S" and providing her with as normal a childhood as I can give her. Service to others has always been my reason for being, and at the moment she is the "other".  This will continue to be a daily challenge as it is with most parents, but thankfully my husband is financially, emotionally and lovingly supporting me while I focus more on this little girl and less on our ventures together.  Our couple time is very limited, but we are meeting this obstacle in the same way as all the others with a partnership of mutual respect and daily dialogue.  In August, our vows will be forty years old.  "S" told me the other day that she would like to go to heaven at the same time I go.  I told her that I would go first, check it out, get the house ready and patiently wait for her arrival.  Actually I will be starting on my bucket list before she gets there!





Garden Ridge, Texas