02/04/2015 11:14


It has been several weeks and so much has happened, withlittle time to reflect.  I made a promiseto myself this year that I would enjoy and meditate on the true meaning of Christmas, but cookie dough, buying and wrapping gifts, decorating, sending Christmas cards and taking "S" to one Christmas activity to the next pageant took precedent.  I always admonish myself for my lack of insightful and spiritual renewal, but this well intentioned goal is upside down from the actual trek of holiday chaos.  I suppose it could be said that I spend far more time spreading the spirit than channeling the spirit, but I am not so sure that is the worst thing!  As I collapse within the rubble of worn decorations harkened for another year of hibernation within green and red plastic boxes, I think of my grandchildren laughing at silly antics, holding up a newly purchased cardigan for sizing or squealing at the sight of Santa's haul and I think it was all worth it.  2015 looks to be another year of continual activity.  I will be on a tread mill of birthday parties, weddings, family reunions, and a host of gatherings that I hope will bring out the best as I prepare for the worst!  My husband will train for a promotion within
his job and I will train for a triathlon of another sort-keeping the house from suffocating under an avalanche of dirty clothes, pruning a yard enveloped by weeds, overgrowth and too little precipitation, and running to and fro to finish the race ahead of a now seven year old!  Each year's weight sags from the chin, bulges over at the waistline and
digs deeper within the furrows of my brow, but I am determined to catch the draft of wind from the thirty-something moms and make 'S's" life as normal and fulfilling as can be.  Family, Fun and Faith is to be our yearly resolution! We will hold on when life catches us in a crosswind and I will let go as she tests her own wings!  I admit I am older, but not a bit wiser.  What I AM is more aware that life is fragile, unpredictable and startling, but each day can end with a smile in anticipation of the gift of tomorrow....





Garden Ridge, Texas