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After thirty-five years of raising chidlren, serving as an educator and all the rest in between, I was ready for retirement and having unlimited choices within a modest budget.  Raising a grandchild was the first entry on my "Never" list.  But on October 28, 2008, barely a year after loading the last box from my office, a baby girl crawled into my kitchen and into my heart.  It has been an emotional upheaval that is difficult to describe in words, and I want to reach out to the 2 million or more grandparents who now babysit or are raising their grandchildren.  I want to share my journey of re-parenting with a kind of honesty that may offend some, but will be understood by many.  Even first time parents will grasp the laughter, tears, frustration, anger, confustion and the gammut of emotions that have recocheted from my frontal lobe.  I am a woman entering the winter of my life and responsible for a baby warm from the spring of her introduction to our world.  I am Nani-Mommy....

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I served as a Behavior Interventionist for sixteen years of my thirty-three years as an educator. My role was mulit-faceted, but one duty was to teach parenting classes, and believe me it is much easier to tell others what to do than know how to respond to a toddler who is screaming about almost nothing!  However, learning is about trial and error and I have had lots of experience with the latter.  I hope to pass on my "revelations"  that have worked for me as a grandparent/new parent and have made this hike a bit less bumpy.  



Garden Ridge, Texas